Outdoor Voice, May 14: Local Retreat at Temenos

20 Miles from Amherst, Worlds Away from Everyday

The experience of Temenos retreat center begins with a slow walk on a dirt road. A 20-minute path through the woods of Mount Mineral leads to the retreat entrance and to Outdoor Voice, the first in our series of local, day-long retreats.

Once a health spa known for its mineral springs, Temenos was founded in 1973 to support healing, renewal, and a simpler way of life.  The center currently serves as home to two stewards, a pond, salamanders, birds, numerous four-footed creatures, miles of trails, four cabins – and a meeting lodge.

And as May is also home to New England mayflies, the lodge’s screen porch comes in handy – providing outdoor writing space while banning the little beasts.  Simple comforts – another aspect of Slow living.

Think Hand Pump, and Fresh Spring Water

Foregoing electricity, life at Temenos takes a definite turn towards Slow.  Alternate ways to draw water, cook, refrigerate and provide light shape the rhythms and movements of the day, offering new perspectives and outbreaks of spontaneous, deep breathing.

Tap stories of the everyday and the extraordinary: join us on May 14 for a day of exploring and skill building in the company of fellow writers.

To Register for the May 14 writing retreat at Temenos, contact:

Kathy Dunn


(413) 221-4652

You can learn more about Temenos here.

And you can read about the Amherst Writers & Artists method here.

And for information on Creative Writing and International Retreats, click here.


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