16 Reasons to Write in Orvieto, Italy

16 Reasons to Write in Orvieto

Giovanni Dubini

Lorenzo Pelogri

1.   There are hosts who will provide all the details – like flight tips.  And trains.  They know Giovanni Dubini, the vineyard owner, and Lorenzo Pelogri, the Head Chef who will teach us how to make something in Italian.

2.   Bill and Kristi love Orvieto so much, they’ve found a way to make it a permanent part of their lives. It must be good.

3.   I always wanted to stay in a convent for a night or two.

4.   There are caves carved into the stone by the Etruscans.

5.   The Etruscans had one of the earliest written languages – and also wine.

6.   The older I get, the more I appreciate someone else taking care of logistics.  It’s like making a salad: if I do it, it’s pretty good; if someone else does it, it’s astoundingly delicious.

7.   Italian food! Made fresh!!  In Italy!!!!!

8.   New skies, new landscapes, new perspectives

9.   People

10.  Slow travel – life as it was meant to be lived

11. Spaghetti-O’s aside, I had my first taste of Italian food in 7th grade when I walked uptown after school with two new friends, and bought a slice of pizza and a Coke. In that first bite I understood the world a lot was bigger than I had imagined.

12. Maureen Moore loves Orvieto.  And she knows – she’s been there.

13. I get to write in a protected time and place.

14. I get to write in a convent, and in an olive grove, and on top of a hill in a town that is over 3,000 years old.

15. Layers of history – centuries of songs and stories and art and prayers, and food cooked over a fire, and recipes measured and passed down, palm to palm to palm.

16. Nap time – did I say this already?  All the shops close for two hours after lunch.  For nap time.

So there they are: 16 reasons, and the journey has begun.  If you’d like to learn more about the retreat in Orvieto, or about Main Street Writers workshops, you can find links to these and other websites in the sidebar to the right.

And I hope you will join us for Discovering Pathwaysan adventure in writing, travel, and exploration.



  1. This sounds so luscious. I can taste the olive oil already. What a feast for any writer!

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