Posted by: main street writers | July 14, 2011

No Place for Hierarchies in the Heart

On Writing…

“There is no place for hierarchies in the heart, and the making of art is a matter of the heart.

Art is the creative expression of the human spirit, and it cannot – it must not for the sake of the human community – be limited to those few who achieve critical acclaim or financial reward.

…Genius is hidden everywhere; it is in every person, waiting to be evoked, enabled, supported, celebrated.  It is in you.  It is in me.”

  — Pat Schneider: Writing Alone and With Others


Pat Schneider is the Founder of Amherst Writers & Artists, and  creator of the AWA method.  Author of nine books, including “Writing Alone and With Others” (Oxford University Press), Pat has mentored writers and workshop leaders from all walks of life for more than 30 years.


Pat and Nellie

“Many of us talk around the supper table, tell stories, jokes, repeat what happened as we went through our day, and never know we are creating fictions, dialog, suspense, climax.

…Not being able to write is a learned disability. It is almost always the result of scar tissue, of disbelief in yourself accumulated as a result of unhelpful responses to your writing.

…Those wounds can be healed, those blocks can be removed. Even if you don’t talk easily to others but spin stories out in your own head – if you talk to yourself – you can write.  You are already an artist.”


You can learn more about Pat,

her writing, and the AWA method here.


And you can write with Kathy Dunn

using the AWA method…

In Western Mass:  Outdoor Voice: Day-long Retreats in the Pioneer Valley

In Orvieto Italy: Pathways to Discovery

Registration Deadline: July 18


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